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I grew up on the rural countryside of southeastern Minnesota in a family of seven.  Whereas some kids had a Playstation and Pokemon cards, our fun was the 250+ acres of bluff land woods behind the house.  Many days were spent outdoors in the world of our imaginations.  If my siblings and I weren't battling invaders on the bluffs, we were managing an intricate dam system by the creek.  It was my imagination that sparked my interest in story telling.  My family is known for being story tellers.  We take the things we are passionate about very seriously and go into great detail when discussing them.  Growing up in an environment that fostered creativity, imagination and story telling, my pursuit of video production and photography seemed inevitable.  

I love stories. Whether it was sitting on the couch listening to my parents read aloud or sitting on my grandpa's lap as he brought to life tales of his youth, I grew up loving to listen to people share life.  That love of life and stories has continued and I've had the incredible opportunity of doing it for a living.  I've had the pleasure of listening to woodsmen explain their craft, businessmen cast their vision, baristas share their art, authors tell their stories and Native Americans pass on their traditions.  I love helping people tell their stories, because I believe they matter.  

Many experiences have affirmed my pursuit of video production and photography.  I've gripped on the sets of indie films, filmed in the streets of Peru, photographed the peaks of the Alps, and interviewed Navajo Code Talkers that helped end WWII. I'm always looking for the next great story. It could be at the top of a mountain or it could be the woman behind you in the check out line.  I'm in video production because of the places I get to go, the people I get to meet and the stories I get to hear.  It is both beautiful and challenging.

This website is the culmination of my love for stories, people and adventure.  My goal is to observe life, share it and inspire others through digital media.  In sharing stories my hope is to change the world even if in some small way.  I hope you enjoy peering into my journey.

Life is stories. Let's share some.